旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (2022)


Scranton is a city in Pennsylvania’s upper east. It’s famous for Steamtown National Historic Site, which features extremely old trains on a former rail yard. The Electric City Trolley Museum has interesting shows and one-of-a-kind trolleys in a reestablished nineteenth-century factory. You can also visit Lackawanna Coal Mine, which is located in McDade Park.With the decline and eventual demise of the coal industry in the XNUMXs, the city differentiated its economy and gained public recognition for its “Scranton Plan,” which provided jobs through modern development.

Many new plants were developed thanks to local community commitments, as well as private and state funding. Electronics and metal items are currently produced by driving manufacturers. The city also serves as a printing center and a transportation hub, with access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Let me take you on a journey to the 街の歴史と文化 as well as the best places to see in Scranton, PA, and the やるべきこと in Scranton as well. However, before that, let’s take a look at the historical highlights of Scranton first.

Historical timeline of Scranton, PA

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (1)


The oldest known residence that still stands today was built in XNUMX by Isaac Tripp, who is famous for being the first European American immigrant in this area. The first post office in Scranton was established in XNUMX, near downtown Canton, primarily to assist with the newly opened businesses that sparked the rapid influx of European immigrants. The Scranton family founded the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company in XNUMX as a small business. Nobody could have predicted that the area would become prosperous as a result of it later on. Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company began large-scale production of iron tee-rails in XNUMX, which was the first in the entire country.


The year XNUMX is significant in the history of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The main reason was that an efficient transportation system was built as a result of the railroads that were built during that time period. Transporting iron and coal became much more feasible, and businesses began to thrive as a result. Another significant date in Scranton’s history is April XNUMXrd, XNUMX. This is the date Scranton, Pennsylvania, was formally incorporated as a city after beginning as a small settlement.

(Video) 真実の現実

Scranton has been a leading city from historic times for the development of railways and relevant technological niches. In XNUMX, the first successfully working, continuously-operating electrified steel car, the trolley system, was introduced in the nation by the Scranton railway company. This is the major reason why Scranton is famously known as the electric city.


During this time period, Stanton Lays, the nation’s largest producer of Nottingham Leys, opened in Scranton. It employed approximately XNUMX people at its peak, but the company is no longer in operation. The building, however, still stands as a constant reminder of the city’s historical richness. In XNUMX, Thomas J. Foster established the international correspondence school ICS, or, to put it another way, the world’s first distance learning program, primarily to educate the region’s miners. XNUMX is the era of the historically famous anthracite coal strike, which was led by Johnny Michelle, the miners’ union president at the time.

The protest was sparked by the absurdly low wages offered to miners, and US President Theodore Roosevelt was forced to intervene. An anthracite coal strike commission was formed, with both parties expected to engage in peaceful negotiations. The hearing was held at the Lackawanna County Courthouse, and it became a historical event.


Doctor Isaiah Fox founded the world-famous Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art in XNUMX.
The museum is located in Nail Park, XNUMX Mulberry St. To this day, the museum continues to entertain both domestic and international visitors. The famed architect Raymond M. Hood designed the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite cathedral at XNUMX N. Washington Avenue, in downtown Scranton. The structures were inaugurated on January XNUMX, XNUMX. Even to this date, both structures remain wholly open to the public, working as major tourist attractions of the area as well as a great site for art performances.

The best things to do in Scranton


旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (3)

You should take in the beautiful scenery of the park while hiking along the path that runs along the western slant. The most common goal for hikers and climbers is the XNUMX-foot-high waterfall known as ‘Nay Aug falls.’ There are two looking stages on each bank, designed to provide better access to the magnificent view of the fall. If you want to unwind, taking a dip in Nay Aug Park’s Olympic-sized pools with water slides is unquestionably a better and safer option. Swimming and waterslides are $XNUMX for the two occupants and travelers, and a single-season pass is $XNUMX or $XNUMX. The David Wenzel Treehouse, which was built in XNUMX, is one of the most fascinating features of the recreation area.

Knoebels carnival

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (4)

Assuming you’re already in town and looking for fun things to do, why not take a short side trip to Knoebels アミューズメントパーク, which is located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Knoebels claims to be America’s largest free-of-charge event congregation. For your end-of-week plans, this is an ideal old-fashioned escape with rollercoasters, swimming, and a cookout trip with your family. The rides range from kid-friendly to family-friendly, to roller coasters and hallo-fun rides. The event congregations’ main draws are its ‘Lazer Command, Mini golf, XD theatre, and bald eagle living spaces. If your family is looking for some splish-splashing fun, there are a variety of water slides to choose from.

If you plan to spend the entire week at the event congregation, there are numerous options available, including Knoebel Campsite ($XNUMX/night, $XNUMX/week), comfortable log cabins (single lodge for up to XNUMX people, $XNUMX/night, $XNUMX/week), Lake greatness camping area, and a few other offers ranging from budget to extravagance stays.

Everhart Museum, Scranton

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (5)

It was named after popular war veteran Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart, the first financier and major supplier of its extensive normal history collection. Initially, the exhibition hall was devoted to displaying a variety of local birds and wildlife examples, but as the assortments of subjects in their assortments expanded, so did the museum’s focal point. Initially, the gallery’s workmanship assortment included Oceanic, Japanese, and African craftsmanship. Later, in XNUMX, it was granted a liberal combination of American craftsmanship. Situated at XNUMX Mulberry St, Scranton, PA.

Everhart craftsmanship schooling camp: Fundamental craftsmanship courses for understudies ranging from Grades-standard fifth to eighth and kindergarten to fourth shows and instruction in various fundamental craftsmanship strategies. Encouraging inventiveness, innovative capacity, and decisive thinking in children through craftsmanship treatment in the Creative Articulation Lab for grades K-Sixth. Enrollment fees are $XNUMX for non-participants in the exhibition hall and $XNUMX for individuals in the historical center.

Ricketts Glen State Park, Scranton

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (6)

Are you searching for a good climbing spot? Or looking for hidden gems somewhere down in the backwoods trails? Simply a short ride away from Scranton is one of the top vacation destinations of Pennsylvania, Ricketts Glen State Park. This state park is known for its XNUMX waterfalls, the most remarkable being Ganoga falls at XNUMXft height. There are hiking trails of varying levels that you can choose. While there are well-disposed exercises in abundance in the recreation area, including relaxing by lake Jean, which has waterside outdoor tables, a portion of the hiking trails are ideal to be gone by customary and master explorers, as it were.

It’s an incredible spot for an end-of-the-week trip with your family and fishing, hunting, and swimming are all considered in this park. There are additionally log lodges and campgrounds for you to spend your evenings in.

Anthracite Heritage museum

This is more than just a historical center to teach you about coal mining ventures; it also includes a location to rediscover the history of European foreigners who came to NE Pennsylvania in search of work in material and mining enterprises.

Scranton Iron Furnaces Tour: XNUMX impact heaters are byproducts of America’s verifiable iron industry. The heaters demonstrate to visitors the significance of Scranton’s coal mining industry in the public economy.

The Museum is open from May XNUMX to Sep XNUMX(Mon-Sat XNUMX am to XNUMX pm) in summer and Oct XNUMX to April XNUMX(Wed-Sat XNUMX am to XNUMX pm) in winter.

Bushkill Falls, Scranton

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (7)

Bushkill Falls is a breathtaking series of XNUMX waterfalls and long winding woodland hiking trails, wooden scaffolds, and spouting waterways found high up in the Pocono mountains, exclusively by the Peters family, about XNUMX hour and XNUMX minutes drive away from Scranton. It is one of the most mind-blowing destinations in Pennsylvania. The danger level of hiking trails varies from one to another. So, if you decide to hike, please keep all of the necessary climbing gear (most notably proper climbing shoes) as well as a clinical medical aid unit on hand for good measure.

The falls can be seen closer up through the wooden scaffolds built over the streams, with special attention paid to the tallest waterfall, which stands XNUMX feet tall. There are opportunities for fishing, paddle boats on the waterway, a jungle gym for children as well. It may become crowded after XNUMX a.m., so I recommend planning an early outing and purchasing your tickets online to avoid standing in long lines. Confirmation fees; end-of-week/occasions; $XNUMX/adult, $XNUMX/senior, $XNUMX/child. Non-weekend days: $XNUMX/adult, $XNUMX/senior, and $XNUMX/child.

Steamtown NHS

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (8)

While innovation continues, works of art remain works of art. There is still a special appreciation for steam motor trains that draws both tourists and locals to the Steamtown National Historic Site. Short train rides on the ‘Scranton restricted’ line are a well-known attraction of the area. The route takes you along the Lackawanna River, past the Radisson (Lackawanna Station Inn), briefly stopping at the University of Scranton, and then returning to the Steamtown NHS boarding area. It’s usually a XNUMX-second full circle, and the fare is $XNUMX/person, ages XNUMX and up.

The rear is the train’s backside, which is usually reserved for its group members. Known as ‘the rear insight,’ guests are allowed to ride in the back and feel like they are a part of the team. It’s an all-inclusive piece of “the Scranton restricted” ticket. This site’s main purpose is to document the history of trains in the United States through the use of steam motor train rides and presentations. The address is XNUMX Cliff St, Scranton, PA XNUMX, USA.

The Electric City Trolley Museum

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (9)

I recommend The Electric City Trolley Museum to visitors who are interested in trains and the antiques associated with them, or who want to see the rebuilding efforts of exemplary hardware back to working order. Participate in the thrilling ride that connects Steamtown’s memorable public site to a streetcar station building in Moosic, Pennsylvania. The excursion also includes a long passage ride that will make you feel as if you’ve recently witnessed a slice of life in the XNUMXs. The Museum has an exhibition where visitors can see the constant repairs on streetcars and interurbans. Without a doubt, it is a fascinating location for train enthusiasts.

The Museum has a few outstanding models on display, as well as resurrected ancient train rarities.It is open from XNUMX a.m. to XNUMX p.m. at XNUMX Bluffs St., Scranton, PA XNUMX. Confirmation and ride bundled fees are $XNUMX for adults, $XNUMX for seniors, and $XNUMX for children aged XNUMX to XNUMX. Tolls are $XNUMX for groups of XNUMX or more and $XNUMX for adults and children individually.

Houdini Museum, Scranton

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (10)

Are you a fan of magic shows? At the Houdini Museum, learn about Harry Houdini’s amazing life and seasons, see some of his genuine antiquities, and watch enthralling, amazing, enchanted events! Located at XNUMX N Main Avenue, Scranton, PA XNUMX, USA, and overseen by the incredibly popular ‘the principal woman of sorcery’ Dorthy and Dick Brookes, it is best to visit between the hours of XNUMX p.m. and XNUMX p.m. on Sundays and Saturdays. It’s one of the places with the best reviews from visitors, thanks to its entertaining presentation of various facts about Harry Houdini’s life by knowledgeable hosts and exceptional sorcery shows popular with both children and adults.

Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple

旅行ガイド:ペンシルベニア州スクラントンの歴史と文化 (11)

This iconic structure is over XNUMX square feet in size and was constructed during the Great Depression. It was designed by the same architect who worked at the Rockefeller Center. The mission of the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple is to revitalize a national architectural treasure as a regional center for the arts, education, and community activity that is accessible to all.
This architectural marvel in Scranton’s Gothic District features XNUMX venue spaces, including a ballroom that also serves as the theater’s rehearsal. The facility, designed by the same designer as Rockefeller Center, was built so that multiple groups could host activities or gatherings while also providing personal spacefor the craftsmen. It can be found at XNUMX N. Washington Ave, Scranton, PA XNUMX.

Best Places to Eat and Best Places to drink in Scranton

From plates of mixed greens to courses, savor the Lebanese specialty of Savory maza and partake in the simple Lebanese cooking experience. Look at Cooper’s Seafood House Seafood, which is a great place to get good fish and enjoy eating and drinking on the porch. The best option is to go to a Mediterranean café and then to the nurseries. Snatch a light meal, modern center eastern and Mediterranean plans, outside eating experience Backyard Ale’s Crafts lager will astound you with its quality. It houses Scranton’s main specialty brew center, complete with an open-air deck and a wide range of food options. It’s a great place to hang out with your gang.


ペンシルベニアの歴史は? ›


ペンシルベニアの地はヨーロッパ系の白人が入植してくる以前まではデラウェア族やイロコイ族などのインディアンが生活していました。 1497年にイタリア系イギリス人のジョン・カボットが北アメリカ大陸を発見し、1600年以降はオランダやスウェーデンから入植者がやってきて交易を始めました。

ペンシルベニアとペンシルバニアどっちが正しいの? ›


フィラデルフィアの象徴は? ›


アメリカのペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィアにある、歴史的な鐘。 1776年、アメリカの独立宣言が初めて朗読されたときに打ち鳴らされた。 ◇「自由の鐘」と呼ばれるようになったのは1830年代で、奴隷制度廃止論者が、奴隷解放のシンボルとして呼び始めた。

フィラデルフィアの発祥は? ›

1682年10月27日にクエーカー教徒のウィリアム・ペンが同志とアメリカに渡来し、この地に居住区を建設したのが市の起源である。 ペンはこの地を古代ギリシャ語で「兄弟愛の市」を意味する(Φιλαδέλφεια、フィロス=愛、アデルフォス=兄弟、ア=都市名につく語尾形)「フィラデルフィア」と命名した。

ペンシルヴァニアの意味は? ›

Pennsylvania. アメリカ合衆国東北部の州,独立13州の1つ「ペンの森の国」を意味する州名は,1681年にクエーカー教徒のウィリアム=ペンが,イギリス国王チャールズ2世から,この土地を与えられたことからつけられた。

アメリカ PA は 何州? ›

アメリカ合衆国 各州の略語一覧


ペンシルヴァニアの略称は? ›

ペンシルベニア州◆米国。 ワシントン北方、ニューヨーク西方◆【】PA ; Pa. ; Penn.

ペンシルベニアの最大都市は? ›

最大都市フィラデルフィアはアメリカ合衆国誕生の地と呼ばれ、独立宣言や合衆国憲法が立案された。 合衆国憲法を批准した2番目の州であり、州名はイングランド王チャールズ2世の命名。

ペンシルベニア州の語源は? ›


フィラデルフィアの略字は? ›

州名 (コード)国名 (コード)都市名 (コード)
ペンシルバニア Pennsylvania (PA)アメリカ(米国) UNITED STATES (US)フィラデルフィア PHILADELPHIA (PHL)

アメリカ独立時の首都は? ›

ペンシルヴェニアの中心都市で、アメリカ独立戦争中に、大陸会議が開催され、独立後一時首都となった。 「友愛」を意味するギリシア語から名づけられた。 フィラデルフィアはアメリカ合衆国、ペンシルヴァニア州の中心都市。

Philadelphiaの読み方は? ›


Pennsylvaniaの読み方は? ›

ペンシルベニア州(ペンシルベニアしゅう、英: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania、 [ˌpɛnsɪlˈveɪnjə] ( 音声ファイル))は、アメリカ合衆国北東部、また大西洋岸中部に分類される州。

ピッツバーグの人種は? ›

  • 白人: 201,766(66.0%)
  • アフリカ系: 79,710(26.1%)
  • ネイティブ・アメリカン: 584(0.2%)
  • アジア系: 13,465(4.4%)
  • 南洋系: 86(0.03%)
  • その他の人種: 2,405(0.8%)
Jul 28, 2012

ペンシルベニア植民地の中心都市は? ›

ウィリアム・ペンの下で、ペンシルベニアは順調に運営され、急速に発展していった。 1685年までに、その人口はおよそ9000人に達していた。 ペンシルベニア植民地中心はフィラデルフィアで、広い並木道、堅固なレンガと石で造られた家々、そして混み合う埠頭があった。

フィラデルフィア なぜ チーズ? ›

ところで、フィラデルフィアと聞くと、クリームチーズの商品名を思い浮かべる人も多いだろう。 ニューヨークの老舗チーズメーカーがこの地をブランド名に採用している。 その理由は、1800年代当時、フィラデルフィアは良質な乳製品の産地だったからなのだとか。 今、乳酸品より有名な特産品といえば、「フィリーチーズステーキ」だろう。

フィラデルフィアの国は? ›


アメリカ合衆国ペンシルベニア州南東部,デラウェア川河口の都市。 人口152万4000(1994)は同州最大で全米5位。

フィラデルフィア ケンジントン なぜ? ›

“バッドランド”と呼ばれる、アメリカ・フィラデルフィアに位置する「ケンジントン」。 その理由は、全米で最も純度の高いヘロインが格安で取引されているため。 つまり、薬物中毒者が集まりやすい場所でもある。 それを知った人々が闇商売をすることも。

アメリカは何語? ›

時間帯UTC-5 から -11 (DST:-4 から -9)
ISO 3166-1US / USA
4 more rows

ワシントン DC の DC の意味は何ですか? ›

しかし1871年、首都区域全体を単一の地方自治体として統括させるため、コロンビア特別領とワシントン市が統合されて「コロンビア特別区(District of Columbia)」が成立しました。

フィラデルフィア 何語? ›

フィラデルフィア(ギリシア: Φιλαδέλφεια, ラテン翻字:Philadelphia)は、ギリシャで「兄弟愛」を表す地名。

フィラデルフィアのアクセントは? ›

たとえば、アメリカのフィラデルフィアは「Philadelphia」ですが、アクセントが大事になります。 最初のフィラはものすごく弱くてもよくて言わなくてもいいくらいです。 「デルフィア」(デを強く)と発音すれば確実に通じます。

フィラデルフィアはどんな所? ›

フィラ デルフィアは、ニューヨークとワシントンDCの中間地点に位置している。 ニューヨークから電車で約1時間半でアクセスすることができ、気軽に訪れることができます。 独立宣言が署名され、憲法が作成された地であり、「アメリカ合衆国誕生の地」として知られています。

ペンシルヴァニアの略称は? ›

ペンシルベニア州◆米国。 ワシントン北方、ニューヨーク西方◆【】PA ; Pa. ; Penn.

ペンシルベニアってどこの国? ›

ペンシルベニア州 (Pennsylvania / PA) は、アメリカ合衆国東海岸の州である。

ペンシルベニアの最大都市は? ›

最大都市フィラデルフィアはアメリカ合衆国誕生の地と呼ばれ、独立宣言や合衆国憲法が立案された。 合衆国憲法を批准した2番目の州であり、州名はイングランド王チャールズ2世の命名。

ペンシルベニアの愛称は? ›

北と北東をニューヨーク州、東をニュージャージー州、南をデラウェア州、メリーランド州、ウエストバージニア州、西をオハイオ州に隣接しています。 また立地的にも、合衆国内の北東部、南部、中西部などを結ぶ位置にあることから、州の愛称にも「礎石(キーストーン)の州」が採用されています。

ペンシルベニア州の語源は? ›


Pennsylvaniaの読み方は? ›

ペンシルベニア州(ペンシルベニアしゅう、英: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania、 [ˌpɛnsɪlˈveɪnjə] ( 音声ファイル))は、アメリカ合衆国北東部、また大西洋岸中部に分類される州。

ペンシルバニア州の気候は? ›

ピッツバーグ における年間の気候および平均気象 ペンシルベニア州、アメリカ合衆国 ピッツバーグでは、夏は暖かく、一部曇り、冬は非常に寒く、降雪が多く、ほぼ曇りです。 1 年を通して、気温は -5°Cから 29°Cに変化しますが、-14°C 未満または 33°C を超えることは滅多にありません。

ピッツバーグの人種は? ›

  • 白人: 201,766(66.0%)
  • アフリカ系: 79,710(26.1%)
  • ネイティブ・アメリカン: 584(0.2%)
  • アジア系: 13,465(4.4%)
  • 南洋系: 86(0.03%)
  • その他の人種: 2,405(0.8%)
Jul 28, 2012

ボストンはアメリカの何州か? ›

ペンシルベニアの中心都市は? ›

1685年までに、その人口はおよそ9000人に達していた。 ペンシルベニア植民地の中心はフィラデルフィアで、広い並木道、堅固なレンガと石で造られた家々、そして混み合う埠頭があった。 それから1世紀近くあとの植民地時代末には、フィラデルフィアの人口は3万人にまで増え、さまざまな言語、信条そして職業を伴っていた。

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